Protective Coatings

GR Engineering Services (GRES) engaged the services of Goldfields Protective Coatings (GPC) for protective coating works during the construction and commissioning of the gold processing plant for Catalpa Resources at its Westonia site.

Protective coatings works were completed in defined stages that complimented the construction schedule. The bank of carbon-in-leach CIL gold processing tanks represented the majority scope of work with scaffolding utilised to ensure safe access to all external surface areas. Particular emphasis was placed on achieving specified surface profile (for the anchoring of the protective coating) as substrate was new steel

Project Highlights

  • GPC integrated with GRES policies & procedures to ensure uniformity of risk management, inductions, fatigue management, etc.
  • GPC maintained a team of four specialist applicators throughout the project which was completed with nil safety incidents.
  • The ability of GPC to adapt to work scope amendments resulted in schedule gain and, ultimately, cost savings to the end user.

We relate the success of this and other projects to our business fundamentals of appropriate personnel training, on site supervision and open & honest communications with our clients.