Protective Coatings

Goldfields Protective Coatings (GPC) was engaged by Evolution Mining for the refurbishment of their Carbon-In-Leach (CIL) gold processing tank ring beams at their Westonia operations.

Scope of work included preparation of CIL Tank ring beams with subsequent application of protective coating with embedded geo textile membrane (to allow expelling of concrete gases without compromising protective coating integrity).

Polibrid 705E was utilised for this application due to its fast curing & elongation properties, excellent chemical & impact resistance, easy repair qualities and its ability to be applied to both concrete and steel.

The concrete and steel substrates of the CIL Tank ring beams were abrasive blasted to remove existing coatings, corrosion & scale and to attain required surface profile. Post surface preparation, a geo textile membrane was embedded into an initial coating of Polibrid 705E with a subsequent and final application of Polibrid 705E to achieve Dry Film Thickness specification.

Project Highlights

  • Task was completed with nil safety incidents, within set budget and with no interruption to site production schedule.
  • All areas of Quality Assurance testing met or exceeded specification including; profile testing and Dry Film Thickness testing..

We relate the success of this and other projects to our business fundamentals of appropriate personnel training, on site supervision and open & honest communications with our clients.